With a touch of a button, control all your devices.

The benefits of having one remote are:

  • Get rid of the confusion caused by multiple remote controls
  • The remote can be personalised by our programmers to fit your needs
  • Avoid phone calls from the babysitter asking how to watch a movie or turn on Sky

Most people have a remote for the TV, another for the sky decoder, one for the DVD player, another for the AV receiver (amplifier), one for the VCR, and still another for the CD player... that's at least 6 remotes. And if you like your technology, then you probably own a few more.

Why not reduce all of those remotes into one easy-to-use solution?

Choose a room

Select a device

Choose a channel

We will professionally programme a single remote for you-making it less than two button pushes to use a device.  

Solutions range from $200 to $20,000, incorporating brands like, AMX, Philips Pronto, Marantz, Nevo, Universal Remote Control, RTI, and more.


Talk to us. We have plenty of options to choose from!