Home Theatre Solutions

Enjoy the benefits of a movie theatre without having to leave your home

... no need to ever queue for popcorn and tickets again.




Make your home theatre a success by combining the following elements...


A Great Picture


To achieve the best in home theatre, a specialised home theatre projector is recommended, with either a fixed, motorised or pull-down screen. The size and seating arrangements of the room dictate the size of the screen. To save the life of your projector, we can add a plasma or LCD TV for daily use.  The Cable Guy will advise you on the latest up-to-date technology, such as high definition picture and any new trends emerging globally.

Excellent Sound


Sound is a vital part of your home theatre experience; speaker placement is the key to great sound. We will take into consideration the layout of the room to ensure the best reproduction possible, recreating the sound to the way the movie directors intended their movies to be heard. We are experts in all sound reproduction standards: Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic, Pro Logic II, and THX.

Ease of use


Enjoying your system is about ensuring it is easy to use.  With a single remote solution from The Cable Guy, you can control your system with a touch of a button. We have a range of one-touch remote solutions to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Room Aesthetics


The way a system "fits in" with a room is always an important consideration. We will work with you, or your interior designer, to ensure your whole system blends in, or stands out, as much or little as you want.

Lighting Control


Lighting can add ambiance to your home theatre and greatly enhance your movie watching experience. Imagine the lights gradually dimming down to darkness as your movie starts, and then gently coming back up at the movie's end. We can design a lighting solution to create the movie experience you want.

System Calibration


It's extremely important your home theatre system is optimized for performance. We will calibrate and balance your video to meet industry standards, and we will calibrate and balance your audio to suit your room's acoustics. We want you to get the most of your home theatre experience.


We will consult with you to ensure we deliver, install, and design a system to suit your lifestyle, décor, and budget