Lighting Control



Lighting can create a mood. It can create an atmosphere and an ambiance.

Lighting control gives you a simple way to set the scene you want at the touch of a button. You can create preset moods or scenes for one or all of your rooms.

Lighting control solutions work their best in modern, open-plan living environments. Imagine a typical modern home with a living room, dining room, and kitchen. While dinner is being cooked, the kitchen lights are on full, the dining room is dimly lit, and the lounge is at half brightness — displaying your art works. When dinner is served, the lights in the kitchen gradually dim down, and the lights in the dining room rise to half brightness.

The options are limitless. What moods and scenes would you like to set? And say goodbye to the clutter and confusion of multiple banks of light switches.


Talk to us. We can configure your lighting to suit your needs!