Whole Home Audio and Video Systems

Your home and your lifestyle can be greatly enhanced by a whole-home audio visual system.

Your whole-home system could be as simple as an extra pair of speakers for the patio or deck... or it could be speakers and LCD TVs in every room throughout the house.

Broadcast throughout your home and listen in from any room. Fill your home with the rich, vibrant sounds of your favourite music or your favourite radio station. Set the mood for your dinner party, a romantic evening, or for when you're alone and just want to relax.

  • Listen to the radio in any room (change channels via your control keypad)
  • Stream music from your PC or iPod
  • Listen to a TV show, or your favourite CD

And yes, different people in different rooms can listen to their choice of sound (it doesn't need to be the same in every room!).

You control your whole-home system using your control keypad. You can control your iPod or PC music collection from this, or you can have dedicated media servers. The benefit of a media server is that all of your music can be located in the one place. This means you no longer need to search your entire CD collection to find the disc you want.

The options are endless. Talk to us, we can find the right solution for you!





Talk to us. We have plenty of options and configurations to choose from.