If you are a builder, we can offer you our world class solutions, our comprehensive knowledge and expertise, our quality customer service, and more.




We offer a variety of customised designs/packages to fit the individual builder’s requirements. These are tailored to the builder’s needs and client base.

Our designs/packages offer an effective way to communicate what we offer to the end user, including budgetary considerations.

Photo Courtesy of David Reid Homes, Show Home, Waihi beach



We will ensure installations are completed on time, so the building schedule remains on track.



We can offer discounted products and services



To pass on to clients, and assist with a builder’s sales, we will provide the builder’s sales people with sales and marketing collateral for all our customised packages.


Contact us today to request a package, or to discuss how we can work with you to enhance your building projects.
We are here to help you make your project a success!