New favourites

for your convenience.


With all-newfavourites, every smart home is unique. Put your most frequently used icons on the main “dashboard” screen. Anything across your entire home can be added to the top so those icons are front and centre on your phone or touch screen when you need them. Fewer touches. Fewer taps.

Just like you’re used to on your phone, it’s as easy as hold-and-drag to add, arrange, remove, and favourite your most commonly used devices, streaming services, and scenes.

Reimagined entertainment experience.

Brand-new active media bar sits at the top of the screen to show what’s currently playing in a room. The new sessions screen shows you what’s playing in the entire house.

Sliders make it effortless to change the volume
in one room, multiple rooms, or the entire
house at once.

Now playing screen allows you to adjust the
volume, skip a track, or even see the audio
quality of the tracking currently playing.

Artwork is more visible from across the room
and buttons are larger and easier to tap.


More personalised  

than ever before.


Control4 OS 3 gives you unmatched personalisation and control capabilities that make your smart home uniquely your own.


Mark your most frequently used rooms as favorites so you can quickly swipe between them, and every room is customisable to your liking, right down to the wallpaper for each space.

To experience Control4 Smart Home OS 3, talk to The Cable Guy about upgrading your system and download the new OS 3 app today!

Providing you the best experience from any interface you use

On your mobile device, portrait mode scrolls naturally and is designed to display the correct icons with instant feedback of their current status.

From a Control4 touch screen, the icons are larger and the response time is incredibly fast for immediate control of anything in your smart home.

With your handheld remote, the on-screen display is focused specifically for entertainment so you can easily pull up audio/video entertainment and favorite devices.

Control4’s Smart Home OS 3 is absolutely stunning and super intuitive; I just instinctively knew how it all should work. The wallpapers are gorgeous, the weather app is aces, and the way it displays which lights  are presently turned on/off is just ridiculously cool."


Dave  |  Control4 Home Owner, Hamilton

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