How do you want to live?

Your home is your sanctuary, it's where you relax and enjoy yourself. Technology can greatly improve your enjoyment and your relaxation -- the living room and the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom, the patio and the deck -- every room and living space in your home can benefit. The Cable Guy has a range of technology solutions to suit your lifestyle.

 The way you live is who you are...

Turn your living room into a home theatre and enjoy fantastic movie watching experiences every night of the week. Bring TV and the Internet to your kitchen. Bring soothing music to the bedroom and bathroom. Bring audio and video to your whole home: from a pair of audio speakers on the patio, to speakers and LCD TVs in every room. Surf the Internet at high speed, from anywhere in the house. Integrate your home's electrical, electronic, mechanical, and security devices ... What would you like?

Solutions to suit your lifestyle

  • Superior technology
  • Best brands, best prices
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated with your décor

Reward yourself with the contentment that you'll get from living in the most comfortable and pleasing way.



Talk to us. We have a range of products and packages to suit your needs!