An alarm system can be much more than a security device you turn on when you go out for the evening, or head off to the beach house for the weekend.

If unauthorised entry is detected and your alarm is activated, you can be notified by the alarm-monitoring company or have a phone call put through direct to your mobile phone.

An alarm system can also be a security device you turn on while you're still inside your home.

You can specify zones within your house that can be armed when not in use. Selected parts of your house can be secured, while you still have free access throughout the rest. This is ideal for larger houses, or for when there is an upstairs and downstairs configuration.

You can specify zones outside your home as well, arming driveways and entry points. This is ideal for protecting the cars and the boat.

Fire-detection devices (such as smoke detectors) can be hardwired into your security system, so you don't have to remember to change the batteries.