Home Automation Solutions


Home automation technology is about simplifying your life - it's about putting you in control.

A home automation system can be set up to monitor and control your home's technology systems:

  • Security Systems
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Access Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Heating and Cooling devices
  • Sprinklers & Irrigation
  • Energy Management of: Pool Heaters, Hot Water Cylinders
  • Whole Home Audio & Video

All the products work in a standalone fashion, so they are not dependant on any other products in the house. There is no single part that can cause an entire system to fail.

You can be alerted in a number of different ways if a change or an event happens in a monitored  home:

For example:

  • Alarm codes can be created specifically for cleaners or trades people that only allow access to certain areas of the property at certain times of the day or night.
  • Events can be programmed to trigger single or multiple actions. For example, a smoke detector is triggered -- it can turn on all the lights in the house to help your family escape safely, turn off the air conditioning to stop the spread of smoke inside the house, and flash the outside lights on and off to help emergency vehicles locate your property.
  • You can set a schedule of specific days and times. For example, outside lights can be turned on automatically at dusk and turned off at 10pm every day.

There are multiple options to control your home from either inside outside or anywhere in the world, which allows you to check and adjust your lights, temperature, security, heating & cooling and more. This can be done by colourful touch screens around the house, remotely from phones & PDA's, as well as a computer and the internet.


 Reduce energy consumption through lighting control

Studies show that dimming a light by 10% can save 10% of electricity and double the life of the bulb. Choose a system that can automatically set lights to 90% and save money anytime a light is turned on.

 and have lights turn on and off automatically when you enter a room or leave the house.







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